TextTank has a million SMS uses
You could use TextTank SMS to promote a sale, talk to your employees, or SMS push a web page.
You could SMS your customers about an upcoming sale, inform employees of your business about an upcoming meeting, or include the URL of your web page in your message and if the recipient has a WAP anabled phone they can link to it
TextTank, simple to use and offers so much...
Talk to your customers en masse, in a personal way...
With TextTank you can send personalised SMS messages to thousands of recipients in just a few clicks. TextTank is easy to use, and contains advanced features developed by our in-house SMS software developers.
Features include:

Only high quality UK carriers are used

to deliver your SMS messages to UK numbers.

Send messages to individual or multiple contacts

by uploading data files to your account.

Use the simple mail merge tools

to personalise your SMS text messages - up to 6 merge fields.

Add up to 3 incoming keywords

to your account, great for response driven campaigns.

Customers can opt-in to your SMS alerts

by sending a text starting with your keyword.

Manage your online address book

by adding those opting-in via keyword campaigns.

Schedule your SMS text messages

to be sent immediately or at any time or date in the near future.

Obtain delivery reports on sent messages

with the ability to export results into a CSV file.

Easily find and remove all numbers

where messages have previously failed to deliver.

24 hour UK-based support

plus FAQs and tutorials to help you get your campaigns up-and-running!
TextTank has many uses in both external marketing and internally running your business:
With the ability to talk to hundreds of customers at once, and with a much higher open rate than email, it's no wonder SMS text message marketing is fast becoming a preferred medium for businesses in a range of industries. Examples of how businesses can use SMS text message marketing include:
Salons can notify clients about a new service with a quick salon marketing SMS.
Gyms can grow a gym marketing database using free incoming keywords.
Restaurants can send restaurant marketing SMS messages that announce a 2 for 1 dining offer.
Marketing agencies can add value to their agency marketing by offering SMS to their clients
Add a personal touch to your therapy marketing with personalised messages.
Within your organisation
Use TextTank to communicate with individuals or groups within your company or organisation:
Inform staff of an emergency meeting.
Inform students of a lecture change.
Send reminders to increase attendance.
Discover how TextTank can help your business thrive with SMSGrow your SMS database